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Herbs, Resins, Roots and Flowers

Herbs, Resins, Roots and Flowers

Our Herbs are Fresh. Most are Organic or Wild Crafted (chemicals carry properties of their own and may actually work against your intentions - always ask how your herbs are harvested!). Those that are not purchased from Organic farmers, are grown lovingly by us, some by Cat Yronwode of Lucky Mojo. Those that are harvested by us or Cat have also been prayed over. Those prayers are intended for you, the facilitator.

We would not sell what we would not use and we are extremely particular!

Please note that your herbs may be shipped in a corked jar as shown, or in a small plastic bag.

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Snake Sheds

Protection, exorcism, calming the mind

Total without tax: $6.00

Snake Weed *

Money, luck to see the truth

Total without tax: $4.00

Solomon's Seal *

Spirituality, exorcism, protection

Total without tax: $4.00

Spearmint *

Happiness, peace, healing, mental power, love

Total without tax: $4.00

St. John's Wort *

Purification, protection, strength, love, divination, ...

Total without tax: $4.00
Total without tax: $4.00

Tonka Beans

Love, wishes, money, courage. Poisonous, DO NOT INGEST

Total without tax: $2.50

Uva Ursi *

Fertility, dreams, psychic workings

Total without tax: $4.00

Valerian *

Sleep, protection

Total without tax: $4.00

Vervain *

Love, protection, chastity, healing, youth, peace, sleep, ...

Total without tax: $4.00

Violet *

Love, lust, luck, wishes, protection

Total without tax: $4.00


Hex-breaking, courage, success

Total without tax: $4.00

White Oak *

Strength, courage, potency, money, fertility, luck, health

Total without tax: $4.00

White Pine Bark *

Healing, fertility, money, protection, exorcism

Total without tax: $4.00

White Sage

Blessing, cleansing, wisdom, longevity

Total without tax: $4.00

White WIllow *

Intuition, protection, love, divination

Total without tax: $4.00

Witch Hazel *

Psychic Ability, chastity, purification, protection

Total without tax: $4.00

Wolf's Bane *

Hex-breaking, protection, invisibility, healing. POISON: ...

Total without tax: $4.00

Wormwood *

Banish anger, protection, psychic power, calling ...

Total without tax: $4.00


Love, courage, psychic power, exorcism

Total without tax: $4.00

Yerbe Mate *

Love, lust, fidelity

Total without tax: $4.00

Yohimbe *

Sexuality, love with lust

Total without tax: $4.00
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