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Reversing Candles

Reversing Candles

Traditionally reversing work is engaged when someone is working against you, wishing you or a loved one harm. The intention is that of the old adage "I'm rubber, your glue, anything you say/do bounces off of me and back to you". The Reversing figure candles that Serpent's Kiss carries are 2 colored. Black and Red, Black and Green and Black and White. The black portion represents what is being removed from your life and being sent back while the color represents the area that was attacked and needs strengthening and blessing such as red for matters of love, relationships and passion and self love, green for business and prosperity and financial stability and white for protection, clarity and healing of the mind and spirit.

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Skull Candle - Reversing Red Black Large

Large Skull Figure Candle - Red Black 2.75"W x 3.5"H

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Female Torso Candle - Red/Black

Male Torso Candle Green

Base price: $15.00
Price: $16.39
Total with Tax: $16.39
Base price: $18.00
Price: $19.67
Total with Tax: $19.67

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